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Fourth batch Operation Theater Technique Training at Dhulikhel Hospital



Six weeks training on operation theatre technique was successfully conducted in Dhulikhel Hospital. The training was organized by the nursing department of operation theatre.
This training was specially designed for scrub nurses of operation theatre. The main objective of this training was to enhance the knowledge and skills of nurses in OT techniques especially in aseptic techniques, role and responsibilities of OT team, positioning, packaging of instruments, care and handling of OT equipments, instruments and supplies and organization of OT. Bedana Maharjan, Sumita Shrestha, Junu Shrestha, Urmila Thapa, Kritika Shrestha, Rabina Prajapati, Dr Kalpana Kharbuja and Sulekha Shrestha were the main trainers of the course.

Six nurses participated in the program, of whom 2 nurses were from Lumbini Medical College and teaching hospital (Manju Bhattarai and Anima KC), 2 from Nepal Korea Friendship Hospital (Anisha Duwa & Sabina Shrestha), 2 from own institution, main block OT and birthing centre OT (Sushma Bohara & Kamna Shrestha). The period of the course was 6 weeks, (one week of theoretical session and 5 weeks of clinical practicum in operation theatre (main block, urology OT at OPD building and birthing center) and endoscopic department). Evaluation of the participant’s clinical performance was done with the set criteria and examinations such as pre-test, post-test, theoretical examination, checklist for different procedures and case study.Respected matron of Dhulikhel Hospital distributed certificates to the participants on the closing ceremony.Participants appreciated the good teamwork in OT and suggested for the provision of safe drinking water and management of long duty hours in OT.Overall the training period was smooth and satisfactory.


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