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Visit of Programme Manager of World Diabetes Foundation programmes for Nepal


Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital, Department of Community Programs is running a three-year project titled “Nurse-led continuum of care approach for addressing diabetes in Nepal” funded by World Diabetes Foundation. We completed first year of the project successfully. As part of monitoring of the project, programme manager of WDF programmes for Nepal, Ms. Mette Skar visited Dhulikhel Hospital- Kathmandu University Hospital from 8th April 2019 to 11th April 2019.

We were delighted to have her presence in Dhulikhel Hospital and therefore we conducted introduction program with all WDF team members on her arrival day. We had hospital visit along with Chaukot visit on the second day. Hospital visit includes visit of Medical Outpatient department, Diabetes Counseling department, Medical inpatient department, Emergency department, Department of community programs. We had observation visit in Medical Out-patient department, where Dr. Rajendra Tamrakar (Lecturer) conveyed information of diabetes scenario in Dhulikhel Hospital. Ms. Sherima Pradhan (Diabetes Educator) and Ms. Sahina Maharjan (Nurse Educator) explained about Diabetes Counseling services in Dhulikhel Hospital. Then there was a brief meeting with Matron of Dhulikhel Hospital Ms. Bishnu Singh and Nursing co-ordinator of Nursing programs of Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Dr. Kunta Devi Pun. Dr. Pun looks forward to keep the diabetes curriculum, which we developed under WDF project. Similarly, Matron Bishnu Singh conveyed that other institutions are also excited to bring the program of diabetes counseling in their institutions. There was presentation of updates of WDF project by Ms. Pushpanjali Shakya followed by demonstration of Electronic Health Record by Mr. Ravi Bajracharya, co-founder of Wiseyak company. Then there was a outreach visit at Bahunipati, where Mette explored the opportunities and challenges to conduct WDF project in outreaches.


In presence of WDF programme manager, we conducted "Round table meeting" with national stakeholders (Chief, NCD and Mental Health Section, Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD), Department of Health Services, Ministry of Health; Reproductive Health Master Trainer and Curriculum Development Co-ordinator, National Health Training Center; President, Nepal Nursing Council; Representatives Diabetes Association of Nepal, Nepal Diabetes Society, Diabetes and Endocrinology Association of Nepal, Diabetes Nepal, Diabetes Care Nurses' Association of Nepal) on 11th April 2019. Main agenda of the meeting was to identify possible ways and challenges taking nurse-led approach for diabetes care in seven provinces of Nepal. The program was led by Dr. Biraj Man Karmacharya and co-ordinated by Dr. Abha Shrestha and Ms. Pushpanjali Shakya.          


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