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"Diabetes Screening and Awareness Programme at Kirnetar"

Diabetes Screening and Awareness Programme

With join collaboration Health service division and World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) project of Department of Community Programs of Dhulikhel Hospital Kathmandu University Hospital, we organized one full day "Diabetes screening and awareness programme" at Kirnetar on 18th April 2019.

We screened participants of age 18 years and above coming to Kirnetar outreach center of Dhulikhel Hospital based on the announcement made by staff of Kirnetar outreach center. In the camp, we used tablets to register participants and enter their obtained data. We obtained brief socio-demographic data and brief diabetes history. Similarly, we measured anthropometric measurements (height, weight, waist circumference); blood pressure and random blood sugar using glucometer. In the camp, we provided quality screening using protocol we developed for WDF project and also we provided individual brief counseling based on their outcomes. During the screening, we detected five patients with random blood sugar more than 200 mg/dl and two patients with random blood sugar more than 350 mg/dl. For them, we confirmed their blood sugar having laboratory test, which also showed more than 350 mg/dl. Further, we asked for serum creatinine and serum potassium test, where one patient's serum creatinine was found to be 3.1 mg/dl. We did counseling to the patient and referred to Dhulikhel Hospital for further treatment and consultation.

We also provided mass education on diabetes, where Ms. Pushpanjali Shakya and Ms. Sherima Pradhan conducted the session and 35 participants participated actively. Diagnosed case of Diabetes shared their experience and knowledge on diabetes. We had discussion on the queries of participants regarding diabetes.

We organized this project with co-ordination of Ms. Pushpanjali Shakya and full support of department of community programs and nursing department. Ms. Sherima Pradhan from Department of Diabetes Counseling, Ms. Manisha Humagain from Department of Community Programs, Ms. Sushma Shah Thakuri from Medicine Department of Dhulikhel Hospital, Ms. Dil Maya Manandhar and Ms. Sabina Lama from Kirnetar outreach center were involved in the screening program. Ms. Ida Lykke Jensen from Nepalimed Denmark, joined the camp for observation and monitoring.


Diabetes Screening and Awareness Programme


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