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Celebrated WORLD DIABETES DAY- 2018

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“Celebrated WORLD DIABETES DAY- 2018”

Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital celebrated “WORLD DIABETES DAY-2018” on 14 November, Wednesday by organizing rally, screening and awareness program about Diabetes. It was joint effort of Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital, Dhulikhel Municipality, Dhulikhel Diabetes Society and World Diabetes Foundation. It was a part of “Global Diabetes Walk” with a theme of ‘Taking steps to prevent diabetes’ announced by World Diabetes Foundation.

Rally was started from Dhulikhel Hospital gate and ended up in Shrinkhandapur, Ward no. 5 of Dhulikhel Municipality. There was a participation of few local diabetes patients of Dhulikhel; personnel of Dhulikhel municipality & Dhulikhel Diabetes Society; members of department of community programs of Dhulikhel Hospital along with public health students and professionals of Sun Yat-Sen University, China and University of Washington, USA when the rally was started. They were warmly welcomed by a huge crowd in Shrinkhandapur with their Newari traditional music called ‘Dhime baja’ and offering marigold gardland. Further, this huge mass joined the rally in Shrinkhandapur.

There was a screening program immediately after rally in Shrinkhadapur, where 120 adult participants (Age ≥ 18 years) were screened and 33 participants were obtained to be diagnosed with diabetes. It was a united effort of department of nursing, department of community programs of Dhulikhel Hospital, public health students and professionals of Sun Yat-Sen University & University of Washington, personnel of Dhulikhel municipality & Dhulikhel Diabetes Society and Shrinkhandapur Female Community Health Volunteers & local people. This screening program was also a part of World Diabetes Foundation project running in Dhulikhel Hospital titled ‘Nurse-led continuum of care approach addressing diabetes in Nepal.

In between screening, there were three awareness sessions on diabetes. Awareness sessions were conducted by diabetes nurse educators, nutritionist and physiotherapist of Dhulikhel Hospital.

In a nutshell, Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital attempted to mobilize community and contribute to global fight against diabetes.

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