Partnership Programmes

Partnership Programmes

In order to develop an efficient and sustainable healthcare model, it is essential that partnership opportunities are optimally utilised. As well as training our own members of staff at our Outreach Centres, we also offer free training courses for health personnel from government health centres.  Our partnership work covers other areas too – we currently provide technical support to eight hospitals all over the Nepal.

These are just examples of what we have been doing in order to strengthen healthcare in Nepal, working alongside the government, not in competition. The Department of Community Programs conducts various camps and other health programs through specialised departments in partnership with the District Health Office and the Ministry of Health.
Our Partners:
Gorkha District
Ampipal Hospital

Ramechhap District
Tamakoshi Cooperative Hospital

Dolpa District
Dolpa Health Centre

Nawalparashi District
Sahaj Community Hospital

Solukhumbhu District
Poyan Health Centre
Parbat District
Phalebas Health Centre

Necha Health Centre
Achaam District
Bayalpata Hospital