Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Bolde Phediche Health Center, Kavre


Kavre District, Bolde Phediche VDC
Established: 1998

Distance: 57 KM from Dhulikhel Hospital
Travel Time: 3.5 Hour
Visiting Day: Friday (Twice a Months)

Catchment VDC Area:

  • Bolde
  • Saramthali
  • Thuloparsel
  • Pokhari Naranthan
  • Chapakhuri
  • Meche

The building is well equipped with 7 rooms for delivering comprehensive health services. The building contains 1 OPD room, 1 Inpatient room with 5 beds, 1 room for a laboratory, 1 for delivery, 3 for  pharmacy and a waiting room for patients. The staff quarter is located above the health center.


  • OPD( 6 Days in a week )
  • In patient (24 hr)
  • Emergency (24 hr)
  • Diagnostic
  •    Laboratory
  •    X-Ray
  •    USG
  •    ECG
  • Family planning services
  • Specialized health Services (Twice in a month)
  • Safe motherhood (Birth In Center)
  • Reproductive health
  • Micro-finance
  • Child health programme
  • School Health Programme


 S.N.  Designation  Number  Availability
 1.  Medical Officer  1  24hr
 2.  CMA  1  24hr
 3.  ANM  1  24hr
 4.  Lab Assistant  1  24hr
 5.  Helper  1  24hr

Post Earthquake 2015-16 projects in BOLDE HEALTH CENTER

These four schools of Bolde, Pediche VDC, which were damaged by the earthquake will be renovated and handed over to the respective schools after completion of the renovation.
1. Shree Dorje Ghyang Primary School
  • Removal of one severely damaged wall and reconstruction of that wall by providing  R.C.C. bands every 0.9m height
  • Providing U-clamps on cracks, removing plaster and re-plastering cracks
  • Compacting floor and re-flooring with hardened concrete
  • Painting the classrooms
2. Shree Kalika Lower Secondary School
  • Removal of doors and window which are out of line and level
  • Providing R.C.C. band on sill level
  • Construction of wall above sill level
  • Providing R.C.C. bands
  • Re-fixing the doors and window
  • Plastering the internal surfaces
  • Providing Gabion wall support in eastern block
  • Compaction & re-flooring
  • Painting the class rooms
3. Shree Sarasawati Primary School
  • Dismantlimg the building upto sill level (west block) and upto ground level (south block)
    • For first Phase
      Providing R.C.C. sill band
      Reconstruction of wall
      Providing R.C.C
      Removing wooden truss and supply & fixing of truss & CGI sheet roofing
    • For Second Phase
      Same process in next block


Providing Medical treatment to the injured following an aftershock in Bolde Outreach center

 4. Shree Shivalaya Secondary School
  • Removal of roof and dismantling the walls, providing R.C.C. band in both sill and lintel level.
    • Reinstallation of roof
    • Plastering and painting internal surfaces
    • Providing next layer stone masonry wall for bulged corner of existing dry stone wall, providing the bands on every 1.0m of height
    • Demolition of one class room

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