Department of Community Programmes


In 1994, in the small town of Dhulikhel a three-roomed doctor’s practice was founded on the basis that it would serve the community, basing its principles of social equity, no matter the costs.  The result 16 years later is the 370-bed, non-governmental, not-for-profit community based Dhulikhel Hospital.  Although it has grown significantly in size since its inception, Dhulikhel Hospital has managed to stay true to its roots and continued to serve the community first and foremost – one of the ways in which it does so is through the Department for Community Programmes (DCP).

The department has expanded and thrived since 1996. It now works as a coordinating unit between the hospital’s various medical departments and numerous rural communities which would previously have had no access to healthcare, much less affordable, quality healthcare.  The DCP at Dhulikhel Hospital remains a pioneer in providing the best health services and education to the poorest people in the rural parts of Nepal where people have been neglected previously.

Our continuing aim is to become a centre of excellence through our innovative and holistic approaches to healthcare; and eventually, a world-class centre for study and research.   We intend to meet our goals on a global scale.

While the health services system in Nepal struggles through various degrees of bureaucracy and a maze of challenges, the department attempts to address health issues in remote areas through a holistic approach; quality service delivery; rational community-based methods; innovative public health interventions; and effective partnership programs.  It aims to implement these measures and services through rigorous monitoring and evaluation methods, in order to ensure that its main objective, to act as a coordinating unit for other departments in the hospital, is successfully carried out.

The DCP is the bridge between the excellent health services Dhulikhel Hospital has on offer and the many rural communities throughout Nepal which the hospital has established or is involved with Health /Outreach Centres and other hospitals.

Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital proudly considers our Health /Outreach Centres, the heart of our community work.

Currently, the work of the Department of Community Programmes can be categorised as the following: