dr ram


The Dhulikhel Hospital (DH) was founded with the principles of social equity in health care. In this short period of time, it became one of the fastest growing health service providers in the country and has lived to its belief that a small team of dedicated people can indeed overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Till now, what has made it special is the equitable quality care it has persistently committed to. Besides the central tertiary level hospital, it also runs 20 community-based rural health facilities, thus ensuring that rural health care is constantly improved, innovated and made accessible. The academic and training programs, it is running in a range of health disciplines, have also established DH as one of the key national institutions involved in producing high-level skilled professionals that are and will be leading the health sector of the country.

Over the course of this exciting journey, we have gone through countless moments of success, failure, joy and despair but have always emerged victorious, inspired and further committed to make DH a model of success for our country. As I thank all our supporters and well-wishers for sharing our dreams and agreeing to accompany in this odyssey, let us remind each other that more challenges await us. I find no better way to convey than quoting Dr. Paul Farmer, “Every night when I go to bed, I worry about how I will fulfil all the promises I have made. And every morning when I wake up, I think I have not made enough promises.”


Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha